The Magic of Christmas

Magical ChristmasIs My Child Too Old to Believe in Santa Claus? Of course not! Enjoy this time and re-experience the magical moments of Christmas through your child’s eyes! It is a great way to de-stress and put things back into perspective when the holidays get hectic. Above all, it is a wonderful way to enjoy your child!

I’ve heard fathers say things like ‘He’s going to get beat up if he keeps talking about that magic elf!’ This may be more of a natural reaction for men regarding their sons, since they’ve lived through the sometimes brutal realities of boys giving grief to one another.  Meanwhile, mothers are busy worrying about their child’s emotional trauma that may result from finding out who really put that new (okay, so it was gently used!) bike under the Christmas tree. These are perfectly normal reactions from parents, and everyone will get through it… especially the children!

Levitating Elf on the Shelf

Levitating Elf on the Shelf

My son understood the situation with Santa Claus when he was 8-years-old. Two years later, he still believes that the Elf on the Shelf magically moves around the house! Clearly there is some breakdown in logic here, because the whole concept of the Elf is that he keeps tabs on us and then reports back to Santa. But sure enough, there was my 10-year-old son last week, explaining to his younger brother that of course Mom doesn’t move the elf because how would she get it to levitate on the ceiling?! 

Okay, I admit that I go out of my way a little to perpetuate the magic. I’m not making any apologies though, because it is so incredibly fun for our family, and thus far, nobody has beat him up!

Whether they question Santa at age 7 or believe until they are 12, the important thing is to keep teaching children to think for themselves and to understand the spirit of Christmas. In the meantime, experience the magic of the holidays and take a little time to walk in your child’s shoes.  Just be sure to enjoy the view!

For more on what to say to your child when he or she asks you if Santa Claus is real, check out the following article. It literally brought tears to my eyes!

Is Santa Real? How Do You Answer the Question?


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