My name is Sue and I am a mom, school psychologist, and parenting consultant. I love children and bringing out the best in them! I also love owls – for me they signify a special connection to my own mom! This blog is all about finding positive ways to bring out the best in ourselves as parents, so we can enjoy our children and bring out the best in them! It’s also about doing things as a family to teach our children about being socially and ecologically responsible!

Professionally, I have a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and a M.A. in School Psychology . As a certified school psychologist, I have worked in a variety of educational settings in the state of Connecticut.  I have also taught in the undergraduate psychology departments at several universities including Central Connecticut State University, Quinnipiac University, and Wesleyan University.  Currently, I enjoy consulting with parents of young children to address behavioral concerns and provide positive parenting strategies. I also conduct independent evaluations with school-aged children to help identify obstacles to learning and develop a positive plan!

FamilyPicMy husband and I have two young boys and I am lucky to be involved in their lives at home and at their school. We strive to teach our children to treat others with respect and take care of this earth. Recently we have been experimenting with a vegetable garden and some fruit trees in our yard.  It’s been interesting and lots of fun! I find that doing things together like gardening and cooking is a great way to build family bonds and teach the kids responsibility. In the process, we also end up doing lots of problem solving and all kinds of learning! My family is the inspiration for Parenting Owl. I hope you enjoy the blog! Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments!

Thank you!!!


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