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Gone too Soon: When Teenagers Lose One of Their Own

Adolescents and Grief When teenagers experience the loss of a fellow student or teammate, it is a traumatic event felt throughout the community. Such traumatic events usually trigger an onslaught of emotions and reactions, but everybody handles these feelings differently. … Continue reading

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Hopeless to Hopeful: Change Your Mind, Change Your Mood!

“Each of us literally chooses, by his way of attending to things, what sort of universe he shall appear to himself to inhabit” William James, American Philosopher and Psychologist 1842-1910 Sometimes the best way we can nourish our mind is … Continue reading

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Saying Maybe

Helping your child learn to accept no for an answer is a common theme in the world of parenting advice. Children tend to feel safe and secure in an environment with structure and limits, and part of providing those boundaries … Continue reading

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Listening To Your Child

Because listening skills are the building blocks for communicating effectively, being a good listener really is the foundation for all positive human relationships! Attentive listening involves not only hearing the words your child says, but also paying attention to how … Continue reading

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Siblings: In For The Long Haul

What are the long term effects of positive sibling relationships? According to Jeffrey Kluger, author of The Sibling Effect, siblings are perhaps the only people you’ll ever know who are with you throughout your entire life. Your parents are there for … Continue reading


Resolving Sibling Conflict

I usually hear the argument erupt from the next room as the boys revert to their typical pattern of behavior when problem solving skills go out the window. It’s difficult enough to mediate such issues when I see the problem unfold before my … Continue reading


Family Night: Baking Whoopie!

My son decided to implement ‘Family Night’ Wednesdays, where we take turns choosing an activity and meal for the whole family to enjoy together. Of course I love this idea, although I wonder what it says about our busy life … Continue reading


Halloween Pumpkin Monster With Root Veggies

Kids love carving pumpkins around Halloween and it’s a fun family activity to do together. When the boys were little, they would tell me how they wanted their Jack-O-Lantern and I would carve it out. Now as they get older … Continue reading

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How Children Learn Responsibility

What does it mean to be responsible? For both children and adults, responsibility involves making decisions and acting on them, being trusted, and answering for one’s behavior. All children are different, and they learn to be responsible at different rates … Continue reading

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Pets and Responsibility

In addition to all the love, companionship, and exercise that pets can provide, research shows that helping care for a pet promotes aspects of children’s emotional development such as healthy self-esteem and a sense of responsibility. Here are some of … Continue reading

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