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Saying Maybe

Helping your child learn to accept no for an answer is a common theme in the world of parenting advice. Children tend to feel safe and secure in an environment with structure and limits, and part of providing those boundaries … Continue reading

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Listening To Your Child

Because listening skills are the building blocks for communicating effectively, being a good listener really is the foundation for all positive human relationships! Attentive listening involves not only hearing the words your child says, but also paying attention to how … Continue reading

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Rewards Vs. Bribes

Some parents have a hard time with rewarding their children for good behavior because they feel it is no different than bribery. Many also worry that their child will not learn to behave appropriately for the ‘right’ reasons or that … Continue reading

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Time With Your Child

Build a warm, trusting relationship with your child by sharing undivided attention, interaction, and communication together on your child’s terms! Continue reading

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Teaching Time-Out to a 2-Year-Old

In the beginning it’s bewildering to imagine how your 2-year-old could be placed in a time-out area and stay there. But it IS possible! The trick is to teach your child to go to time-out when they don’t actually need … Continue reading

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I am a mom, educational/school psychologist, and parenting consultant. I love children and bringing out the best in them! I also love owls – for me they signify a special connection to my own mom! This blog is all about finding positive ways to bring out the best in ourselves as parents, so we can enjoy our children and help them grow up as happy, healthy, and well-adjusted as possible! It’s also about doing things as a family to teach our children about being socially responsible and ecologically friendly!
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